12 Things I Could Do (But Probably Won’t) In Quarantine

Pandora Domeyko
1 min readMar 23, 2020
Remember when being outside wasn’t illegal?

A quick n’ dirty list of things I could/should/won’t do

  1. Yoga

2. Kick my caffeine addiction

3. Dye my hair that cute, trendy shade of blue (because if it looks awful nobody will see, anyway)

4. Read like 5 books probably

5. Become successful on Sims 4 WITHOUT using motherlode

6. Take a bunch of surveys to make money

7. Get abs

8. Learn how to code

9. Learn Mandarin

10. Clean EVERYTHING in my apartment

11. Memorize healthy recipes and actually do them the right way

12. Not order Uber Eats



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